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Hold tight to the Rope of Allah all together and be not disunited among yourselves. (Surah Al-Imran ayah 103)

What We Do

  • Serving The Community

    The BCMA is currently the largest Sunni Muslim organization in BC. We own and operate several Islamic centres as well as Muslim Schools all across BC.

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  • New Muslim Care

    New Muslim Care is an initiative of The BCMA to cater to the needs of new Muslims and facilitate their integration into local Muslim communities.

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  • BC Muslim Schools

    The BCMA is dedicated in providing essential educational services to the muslim community and making constant effort to improve the delivery of education to our children

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12300 Blundell Rd Richmond,
BC, V6W 1B3
P: 604.270.2522

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BC Muslim Association Media Release - Recent Terrorism Charges on BC Resident

24 July

Richmond, B.C.------On Wednesday, July 23rd, the BC Muslim Association (BCMA) learned through the RCMP of charges laid against Hasibullah Yusufzai under Section 83.201 of the Criminal Code.

The Association and its members acknowledge the severity of the charges laid on the accused, and the implications of such charges. We maintain an unequivocal position of upholding and abiding by Canadian law, and denounce all illegal activities. Furthermore, the Association and its members condemn the participation of Canadians in any terrorist activity at home or abroad.

The BCMA operates several mosques and centers around the province of BC, which open their doors to any and all that wish to worship as per our religion tenets, like other churches, synagogues and temples across Canada. The accused was not, however, a member of any of our Association’s branches, nor did anyone of this name ever register for, attend or study in a religious class at a BCMA facility, or any BCMA sponsored seminar or event.

The BCMA implements strict policies preventing individuals or groups from using any of our religious, social and educational programs to incite illegal acts or recruit for such purposes. We support and regularly collaborate with law enforcement and government agencies in such matters, and remain committed to do so in the future.

What We Do

A community that worships together, grows in faith together, and serves one another.

The BCMA is currently the largest Sunni Muslim organization in BC. We own and operate several Islamic centres as well as Muslim Schools all across BC.

Your membership means more than simply signing a piece of paper. Becoming a member of BCMA expresses your commitment.

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The Organization

Branches And Chapters

The BCMA own and operate several Islamic centres as well as schools all across BC serving the Muslim community.

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Muslim Schools

The BCMA Approach is to provide a foundation based on Islam for life-long education in a safe community.

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Sprouts of Iman Preschool

The BCMA Preschool helps in setting the stage for a strong Islamic identity in a nurturing, emergent, hands-on classroom.

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BCMA Extra Program

The BCMA Xtra is new innovative, educational and fun-filled initiative program for kids.

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Programs and Services

Community Services

The BCMA provides essential religious, social and educational community services all across BC.

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Youth Services

The BCMA's Objective is bringing Muslim youths to embrace and understand Islam, while living in a Western Environment.

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Discover Islam - New Muslim Care

The BCMA caters to the needs of non Muslims as well as new Muslims to help discover Islam and help facilitate their integration into local Muslim communities.

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Funeral Services

The BCMA provides the funeral service to Muslim community in the Lower Main Land.

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Al-Baqra Verse 26
Surely Allah is not ashamed to set forth any parable-- (that of) a gnat or any thing above that; then as for those who believe, they know that it is the truth from their Lord, and as for those who disbelieve, they say: What is it that Allah means by this parable: He causes many to err by it and many He leads aright by it! but He does not cause to err by it (any) except the transgressors,

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Surah Al-Baqarah and Surah Al-e-Imran

“The Quran and the people who applied it, will be brought on the Day of Resurrection preceded with Surah Al-Baqarah and Surah Al-e-Imran arguing on behalf of those who applied them.” [Sahih Muslim]

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