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Hold tight to the Rope of Allah all together and be not disunited among yourselves. (Surah Al-Imran ayah 103)

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    The BCMA is currently the largest Sunni Muslim organization in BC. We own and operate several Islamic centres as well as Muslim Schools all across BC.

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    New Muslim Care is an initiative of The BCMA to cater to the needs of new Muslims and facilitate their integration into local Muslim communities.

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Funeral Prayers for the Month Of August

1 Sep

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioun  ?????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ??????????
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

May this message find you in the best of health and true Islamic Spirit by the Grace of Almighty Allah (S.W.T.).

During the month of August 2020, we have had Janazah Salats in the Vancouver area for the following brothers, sisters and our dear children:  
  1. August 1, 2020 Br. Kashif Majeed of Surrey  originally from Karachi, Pakistan
  2. August 4, 2020 Br. Min Tun Kyaw of Vancouver originally from Kawkareik, Myanmar
  3. August 5, 2020 Baby Humaira Habib of  Surrey parents originally from Lucknow, India
  4. August 5, 2020 Sr. Qamar un Nisa of Langley originally from Karachi, Pakistan
  5. August 6, 2020 Br. Ghulam Sakhi of Coquitlam originally from Kabul, Afghanistan
  6. August 10, 2020 Br. Ramadan Wahidi of Burnaby originally from Meulaboh, Indonesia
  7. August 12, 2020 Br. Xhafer Hajrizaj of Coquitlam originally from Mitrovoca, Kosovo
  8. August 13, 2020 Br. Ramin Jamshaid-Abasi of Burnaby originally from Kabul, Afghanistan
  9. August 14, 2020 Br. Nurul Azhar Syed of Richmond originally from Pakistan
  10.  August 14, 2020 Baby Girl Alnaser of Surrey, parents originally from Damascus, Syria
  11.  August 16, 2020 Sr. Sughran Hanif Sheikh of Surrey originally from Faisalbad, Pakistan
  12.  August 17, 2020 Sr. Sumaya Tahsin of Vancouver originally from Faridpur, Bangladesh
  13.  August 19, 2020 Sr. Hazra Bibi of Surrey originally from Ba, Fiji
  14.  August 20, 2020 Sr. Vahideh Heidari of Burnaby originally from Kabul, Afghanistan
  15.  August 21, 2020 Br. Mohammed Abdul Haque of Burnaby originally from Habiganj, Bangladesh
  16.  August 24, 2020 Br. Ismail Eissa Mohamed Kaddoum of Surrey originally from Gaza City, Palestine
  17.  August 25, 2020 Sr. Rawhia Mohamed Darwish of  Vancouver originally from Suez, Egypt
  18.  August 25, 2020 Sr. Gulbanoo Akbarall Meherally of Delta Originally from Mumbai, India
  19.  August 25, 2020 Br. Asghar Saeed Farooqui of Vancouver originally from Alwar, India
  20.  August 26, 2020 Br. Baso Arifin of Indonesia
  21.  August 27, 2020 Br. Khalill Majid Faraj of Vancouver, Canada
  22.  August 29, 2020 Br. Zacky Ilyas of Surrey originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka
We pray to Almighty Allah (S.W.T) for His mercy, to forgive all their sins and reward them with the best place in paradise, janaatul firdous and to give patience to the family, Ameen.

A humble request that everyone make dua for all the Muslims who have passed away and for all those who are suffering and are sick.  

May Allah (SWT) shower his mercy on all of us.  Ameen. 

Please continue to do your prayers at your homes and make dua in seeking the refuge of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.  May Allah (SWT) make it easy for all of us during these difficult times. 


Mohammed Imraz Asin
Funeral Director, The BC Muslim Association
P.  604.727.8001
F.  604.244-9750


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